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Language tips
A new language, a new outlook.
​I will make you change your approach
to learning a new language.


​​It is natural and innate to feel an urge to translate from your language into Italian. 

And it's ok!


But languages are not like mirrors. ​


Every reflection is unique.


Sometimes they can be similar, but they will never be the same.


So, what's the solution?


My motto is: make it simple, make it clear.


But, how?


We will start from scratch.


Imagine a new space, like "the Italian room", in your mind. 


A space that will be progressively furnished with Italian vocabulary, structures, and sounds.

Step by step.

At the beginning: basic vocabulary.

Few structures. No nuances.


Our goal is always to communicate every message with the tools you already have installed in your memory.  

It may not be exactly what you would say in your mother tongue, but I can assure you that the basic meaning of your message will be received.

This gives you the motivation to proceed to the next step.


​Step by step, your success in communicating in your new language will overcome any initial frustration you had.


Be ok with your mistakes. Your first aim is to be effective in conveying your message :)


Finally, you will find your way to improve and be more yourself in Italian.




​​My approach is a Global and Holistic Approach, where the language appears authentic.

Every sentence in Italian is like a puzzle. 

In any Italian situation, you need to focus on the sense you grasp from the environment and intuitively see the whole picture. 

The few words that reach your ears are the same clues that will allow you to catch the global sense.

It is like a game. 

You have to play with your intuition. 

Spy and try!

Focus on the words you know. 

There will be time to investigate the ones you don't.

That is why I always suggest you keep a little notebook at hand to write down the new words you come across every day and find an image or symbol you associate with the meaning. 

Then I will help you get used to connecting words with images and symbols instead of focusing on the verbal translation.

Remember, languages are not like mirrors.


With my coaching, you will discover a more interactive approach.

Take advantage of this innovative, fresh outlook on how to learn Italian.

When you start interacting in Italian, you first have to learn how to answer questions in order to create a rhythm and manage a basic conversation. 

Ping Pong.

In any fundamental question, there are always clues, which you can formulate your answer with. 

Actually, in the Italian question form, words need to follow an order that you can use as a pattern to shape your response.


During our sessions, I will encourage you to follow this method. 

You will soon be able to create sentences by yourself.

Want a first free session?

Fill in the questionnaire or send me an email at


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