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I am a passionate and fully-qualified Language Coach, Neurolanguage Coach® and Cultural Advisor.
I have been sharing my skills and competencies in the Italian Language and Culture with expertise and excellent results for18 years.

Neurolanguage Coaching®

I have always been calling myself a Coach and a Facilitator of Learning because this is what I do. 


I help people to achieve their goals. I make it possible for them to perform effectively in Italian and feel completely relaxed and immersed in the Italian culture.


Also, as a Teacher Trainer, I love giving my colleagues new perspectives and creative methodologies.



I strongly believe in Creativity as a vital skill for every language coach. It is also crucial to use body, voice, images, colours, and space.




I have a wide range of teaching experience 

under my belt, having worked for schools, embassies, companies, organizations, and individual students of various ages.


Today, I coach above all teenagers and adults. 

They are students, entrepreneurs, 

professionals or artists who need to - or want to - learn Italian. 


Want a first free session?

Fill in the questionnaire or send me an email at



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