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Oliver Frankel - Former lawyer and investment banker


After a week of intensive language and culture instruction with Sara, in Rome, I am delighted to say that I feel that I have not only improved my Italian language skills but also my knowledge of some of Rome’s hidden gems.  I am a relative beginner in Italian, having only started learning the language 3 months ago.  Sara’s approach to teaching Italian is to associate new words and phrases with images and stories, encouraging one to think in the language rather than constantly translating from one’s native language (in my case English).  A phrase that rings in my ears is Sara’s insistence that languages are not mirrors.  I’m certain I will find this helpful in my ongoing studies of Italian.

Stephen O'Donnell - Business Project Manager


I have worked with Sara as an Italian Language and Cultural Coach. Her knowledge, dedication, enthusiasm and talent as a language coach is outstanding. Having worked with other language teachers in the past, I can say that Sara is at the top of her profession. She is extremely adept at tailoring language instruction for the level and interests of her students. Her approach is definitely student-centered and I came away from our time together with a greater understanding of Italian, Italy, and language learning in general. I recommend Sara without reservation and enthusiastically for anyone who is looking for a language and cultural coach!

Jackie Barber - Writer


Sara is a friendly and enthusiastic Italian teacher. I always looked forward to our lessons, which were fun and interesting. With Sara’s help my Italian improved greatly and I can converse easily with Italian friends. I would recommend Sara to anyone who wants to learn Italian in an enjoyable and stimulating fashion.

Max Barber - System Specialist


Sara is both professional and friendly in her approach to teaching, I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and found myself picking up the language quickly. An interesting mix of reading, listening, writing, watching and game playing ensured that I was always concentrating and making the most of my lesson.

Joseph Castro - Program Director


I had an opportunity to have Sara as my Italian Language Tutor and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is considering using a tutor/coach. I have used other tutors in the past and Sara is easily to most energetic, knowledgeable, organized and committed instructor with whom I’ve had an opportunity to work. Her approach is flexible and tailored to the student’s needs. In addition to improving my Italian, I also have a better understand my mother tongue.

Nicola Ferlei-Brown - Writer


I recommend Sara as a fantastic linguistic and teacher, whom I credit with having taught me Italian, in a non boring manner, and somehow made studying a language, otherwise highly challenging, seem like fun.

Zach Baliva - Multimedia Editor


The best thing about Sara's teaching style is that she is able to discover what you need to work on and cater her lessons to each individual learner. She makes it fun and personal, and I appreciated that she was always available if I had any questions about what I was learning. My Italian definitely improved during our time together, and I am sure yours will, too. Highly recommended.

Giada Biondi - Mktg & Communications Assistant


I've had the memorable pleasure of being Sara's trainee. With her support, enthusiasm, originality and motivation, I was able - and happy - to improve my skills in Italian and better apply its colorful linguistic shades to my daily conversations, both spoken and written, thanks to a fresh, interactive and multifaceted coaching method. Sara masters all aspects of communications and efficiently passes on her experience to others in an engaging and valuable way: bringing concepts to the next level and helping you convey your messages with impact. Sara is knowledgeable, empathetic, proactive, fun and reassuring - and takes her profession to heart. I am  grateful for the enriching, educational and ever-evolving journey we've been through together. It has developed my use of the language as well as the relationship with people... And made a difference!

Teresa Penalba and Pau Rovira - Image and Sound Teachers


Sara has a light in her eyes and a constant smile. She is a magician of gestures, because she ''can paint them across her face'', like the great Fellini and his characters. She wins you over with her dynamism and insight. She is really funny, and a pleasure to be around, thanks to her spontaneity.

​She is very animated and moves around the class a lot (a lot!), and flows within the classroom, like the currents of the Arno or Tiber rivers. She has the determination of the North and the warmth of the South. 

Her mastery and dexterity, merged with her words, make you discover the secret of the language of Dante.  Over the years, a sweet and vivid memory remains of Sara, leaving a permanent mark on our hearts, as teachers of visual arts. It was a fortune and a pleasure for us to learn the language and the Italian culture using her methods. 

Sara is the language coach we found in Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita... Grazie, Sara.

Lauren Roeper - Agape


Sara is more than a grammar book or vocabulary flashcards: she really creates a positive learning environment fused with creativity. You will definitely learn the language and grammar structure with Sara, but you will learn so much more - how to become yourself in a foreign language, make mistakes but overcome them, and truly enter into Italian culture and mindset. I would HIGHLY recommend Sara for any level of language acquisition!

Juliana Vilela


I did a One Month Intensive Course with Sara. When I started, I hardly spoke any Italian, yet after just one month I was understanding and communicating well. She is very dynamic, friendly and absolutely professional. She teaches the language and the culture with 100 % passion.

Francisco Reinaldo Olivera


Dynamic, updated, enthusiastic, a passional professional, these are some of many qualities I could experience in Sara's teaching. It's much more interesting learning Italian in that way.

Amy Hardman Swift - Agape


My experience with Sara was wonderful. She is extremely passionate about the Italian language and is able to make even verbs seem interesting. The thing I appreciated about her the most as a tutor, is her ability to see each person as an individual and tailor the lessons to encourage and challenge each student.

Amos Miguel - Agape


Sara is an amazing teacher with the unique ability to help me grasp the confusing grammar rules of the Italian language.  Her talent for personalizing each language session to my learning style was the catalyst I needed to conquer the CILS exam.

Edvaldo Antonio De Melo


I have a great memory of my time living in Rome. I remember learning how to write my first message in Italian with Sara. She lit the path to my understanding of the Italian language. It could also be said that Sara was a godsend for me and my colleagues at the Collegio Pio Brasiliano in Rome. It is clear that Sara loves what she does, and this is what makes her a great teacher. She also became a good friend for our Italian group. As we say in Portuguese, it is with great saudade that I remember Sara, and her courses in Rome.

Rev Professor Dr Sebastian Athappilly, CMI


Sara Porreca is to my first hand experience of many months my first teacher of Italian language. She is a wonderful and skilled teacher. She knows things masterfully and is very good at pedagogical methods. She has an intutition to understand the students and encourage them as well as challenge them to bring the best out of them. I really admire her skills! The students who will be fortunate to undergo a course under her guidance will definitely profit much from her.

Marcelo Apolonio Policarpo - Corporate Partner e Performance Trainer


Sara was the person that helped me to improve my italian, when I first arrived in Italy to do my Master Degree. I really appreciated her methodology, creativity and interest in the needs of the students. After I learned with her I became an Italian Teacher in Brazil as well. Sara is very good at teaching languages.

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