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The Neurolanguage Coaching® approach: a new path, a new you.

The Neurolanguage Coaching® Approach​​

After the latest discoveries in neurolinguistics, it is now widely accepted that learning to communicate effectively in a new language does not just mean memorizing grammar rules and vocabulary. Our brain doesn't work like that.


I always use an image dear to my heart: a Language is like a Person.

If a language grammar is a skeleton, the vocabulary is the body's muscles. Rhythm, sounds, gestures all reflect the temperament. And what about the culture that lies behind a language? That's its heart and its soul. Learning a language means understanding the depth of its "character" and its "soul", too. Not just its rules.

What is your Goal? 
Maybe you need to understand and communicate in Italian. 
Or maybe you want to achieve something else...
Do you love Italian cooking and Italian wines?
Do you have a passion for Italian Opera or Italian Cinema?
Perhaps your interests lie in Italian fashion?
Or, maybe you just want to be SMARTER in Italian?

In my experience, the goal of every client who wants or needs to learn a new language is to become confident and at ease in their or their life in that language. As soon as possible.

But if you want to learn a new language, your brain has to ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE.

That is why our sessions will be designed to reflect how your brain receives Italian.

Anyone can learn, but we all know in our unique way. And no one can avoid practice, practice, practice.

You need a coach, then!
As a coach, I will inspire you to immerse yourself immediately in the Italian language and culture.
I will provide you with tailored tools to suit your requirements and levels to help you communicate in Italian from the start.


For more information about the Neurolanguage Coaching® approach, click here.


Need a Cultural Advisor?

Having me as your language coach means that I can also provide any cultural advice or consultancy you may need.


If you have just arrived in Italy or are about to move, I can help you deal with any social or daily life issues you may come across.


Utilities, services, schools for your children, banks. But also places to visit, things to do, people to meet.


Every time you have a need or a problem related to your life in Italy, I will be there for you.



The new technologies have become so bright that we have the option of learning everything by ourselves.

So, why look for a language coach? 

Because often with languages, after several frustrating experiences with free apps, eBooks, and software, you still feel frustrated and give up.  


​Instead, let's use these technologies for saving time and bridging distances: Meet, Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc. It only takes a couple of minutes to organize a time and a space to plan your Italian Free Demo Session.

​From the comfort of your own living room or working space, you will always be able to get in touch with me. 

This is only one of the many advantages of having "How To Learn Italian" at your fingertips.

My skills are ready for you... in a click.​

This free conversation will allow you:

  • ​to understand the Neurolanguage Coaching® approach

  • to better understand how your brain works

  • to set your goals, actions and materials​


After experiencing your free Italian session, we can organize your Italian Course in Milan and/or online, according to your needs and availability.


Want a first free session?

Fill in the questionnaire or send me an email at

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